Putting the Bottle Down: Becoming a Better You

Alcoholism is a disease. Admitting out loud that there is a problem is the first step in diagnosing yourself.

Drinking has been linked as a form of self-medication for people who suffer from depression. Could this be you or someone you love?

Learning Your Triggers

Alcoholism should not be taken lightly or as a joke. There are people who die from this disease, who never knew they had it.

The disease may start off slowly over time, but may increase as you grow older. Often times, people who suffer from this disease can hide it easily from the ones they love.

In the event this is you or someone you love, learning their silent triggers could help in them living a longer life.

Participating in group interventions and letting them know they are loved is also important. When alcoholics drink, they are drinking to fill a void within themselves. Pinpointing what the void may be could stop them from drinking altogether.

Their lives matters and so does yours; putting the bottle down could aid in them learning how much they’re worth again.