Tips to Avoid Being Hacked – Cloud Storage 101

We get it, you like to help others. Sometimes when you help, do you feel like people are taking advantage of you?

There are so many ways helping someone can backfire on you, especially when it deals with your personal information.

Mistakes Not to Make Anymore

Cloud storage can literally hold everything. It stores data from your phone, personal computers, or from any other technical device.

Hackers prey on people like you, that like to overextend themselves and help others. Simply clicking on one of their links can give them access to your pictures and personal information.

The links hackers use are sometimes easy to notice but oftentimes they’re not. Their links can range from donating to charity or needing help to feed the poor.

Paying attention to emails sent to you by people you don’t know can help you to not get hacked. Furthermore, you should also backup your personal data frequently and use passwords only you would know.