Bringing Minimalism into Your Career

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Many people in the minimalist movement have decided to leave their 9-to-5 jobs and even highly-paid careers in order to downsize toward a simpler and more meaningful existence.

While some people may think such a move is risky, counter-intuitive, or even absolutely crazy – those who have made the move feel like they have freed their souls.Joshua Fields

Joshua Fields is one of the most active proponents of the minimalist movement. Along with his business partner Ryan Nicodemus, he started a successful website, podcasts, wrote a number one best-selling book called “Everything That Remains” and several others, plus – their work was made into a feature documentary titled “Minimalism: A Documentary.”

Joshua doesn’t just talk about minimalism – he is the walking, talking, living example of it. One of the top stories on his blog is one titled: “Why I walked away from my six-figure career.”

In the article, Joshua talks candidly about how terrifying, yet ultimately exhilarating and rewarding his decision to leave a secure and well-paying position was.

After working 80 hours a week to climb the corporate ladder, when he finally reached the top and had “made it” – he had an epiphany. His new insight made him realize his life’s priorities were all wrong.

He realized life wasn’t all about money – that in his heart he sought a meaningful life. From that moment on, he set his priorities on health, his relationships, his passions, personal growth, and ways in which he could make a contribution to the lives of others.

From there, he took action and reshaped his life into the one he truly wanted.

Ryan Nicodemus

Joshua’s business partner Ryan Nicodemus restructured his life towards minimalism after leaving a six-figure job. However, for Ryan, his awakening didn’t come through an epiphany. His rebirth occurred after his job was eliminated.

You can read about Ryan’s story in his article entitled: “Getting laid off from my 6-figure job was exactly what I needed.”

Everett Bogue

Everett Bogue left the 9-to-5 grind to launch a minimalist career and to live and work from anywhere. You can read his advice in an article he wrote titled: “The minimalist guide to leaving your soul-crushing day job.”