How to Live Like a Minimalist

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Enjoying a lifestyle that has more meaning and less stress is the ideal of every minimalist. However, in trying to escape the typical way of life template, there’s one thing we can’t escape – money.

One thing we need to think about is that money is just a means to an end. We exchange money for things we need whether it’s a business service or a product. We need to remember that money isn’t the only way to get what we need.

We can trade things we already possess for things we need. We can trade our time or labor to obtain things we need. We can build things we need. In terms of food, we can also grow and raise some, possibly all, of the food we need.

What you need vs. What you want

There are going to be some essential things you need that you absolutely cannot do without. Next, there are going to be things that you want which you feel are highly important. Beyond that, there may be things you want but you could do without.

What’s essential?

  • Food & water
  • Housing
  • Utilities (electric and possibly gas)
  • Income

Possibly essential:

  • A vehicle
  • Gasoline
  • Car insurance
  • Health insurance or money for medical & dental expenses

Possibly highly-important:

  • Cell phone
  • Internet connection

The importance of income

Under the list of “what’s essential” and everything beneath it, income is most likely to provide the other elements.

While it’s possible that your housing could have zero or limited costs, and it’s also possible that you may be getting free water from a well, and growing some of your own food – sure you may be able to make it happen.

But for most people – income is going to be necessary for sustaining life.

All that said, many people who live minimalist lifestyles have found a way to generate income without having to work in the typical “9-to-5” template. Whether it’s through running their own business, earning money online or trading business services, people have found ways to make enough money to meet their needs, while balancing time to have a more meaningful life – and more free time.

Generally speaking, the more you can minimize your expenses, the less the demand on income. This opens up more possibilities for alternative ways of earning money compared to working a typical eight-hour shift for a company.

Steps to take:

  1. Decide how you were going to live: Housing, where, etc.
  2. Determine everything that’s essential and everything you can do without.
  3. Determine how much money it will take to support lifestyle you intend to live.
  4. Determine how you will earn the income required to live the life you want.

The first stage is planning. Once you have a plan, you can work towards it. It may not happen overnight. It may even take a few years. But once you are able to set your minimalist lifestyle up, you will be able to enjoy a more purposeful, meaningful and less stressful life thereafter, achieving greater happiness and fulfillment.