Reduce Your Anxiety and Experience Full Relaxation

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It has been said that, for many, life can be described in 3 words: Worried, hurried, and buried.

What kind of life is that? Yet, in our modern society – that’s exactly how many of us live.

A life filled with less stress leads to a more relaxed state of mind and ultimately, greater happiness.

For our purposes, we are looking at the “relaxation of the mind” and the reduction of stress.

Relaxation doesn’t mean more time to laze around and do nothing. Life is filled with obligations, and like it or not, it always will be and we have to take care of them.

The main point is… The more our life is filled with too many obligations or poorly managed obligations – the more stressed out we can be.

Therefore, how we organize our lives and how much we pile ourselves can be the difference between and over-busied life or a less stressful and relaxed one.

Here are 4 tips to reduce your worry and hurry

1. Rise early

This may sound like a no-brainer, but “time” in life is one of the things that stresses us out the most – mainly due to a lack of it.

Many things we have to accomplish in life must happen before the close of business hours at 5 PM or before sundown, which is where the phrase “running out of daylight” grew from.

Therefore, the earlier you rise – the more time you will have before 5 PM or sundown arrives.

2. Eliminate unnecessary distractions

There are a lot of unnecessary distractions in our lives, especially when it comes to technology.

We’ll cover some of these in just a moment, but the key areas that lead to the most distraction are:

  • Email & checking email: This will be detailed in #3 below.
  • App & browser notifications: Turn these off, as ultimately they are tools to help companies make money more than they are a benefit to you. Most of the time they are just robbing you of your time.
  • Social media: Put yourself on the schedule which limits the amount of time social media can distract you from getting important things done.

3. Get your email under control

Almost all of us get way too much email. Whether it’s from work, friends or the worst offender – any company you buy anything from.

Unless you constantly shop from a particular store, do you really need to receive their non-stop promotional emails just so you can get a discount coupon every now and then? If you are interested in finding coupons, there are great sites out there that cater just to that without cluttering your inbox.

Your time is worth money also. All these emails just clutter your inbox making it harder to find the important stuff.

The best way to regain control of your inbox is to unsubscribe from everything you don’t read devotedly. When you want to buy something, you know how to find the company again – so you really don’t need their emails.

4. Automate your bills

Sitting down to pay bills as they come in, whether online or through the mail, nibbles away at your time. A more efficient method is to set up online banking and bill pay. Then, set as many bills as possible to automatic payments. Setting up once, and you’ll rarely ever have to touch it again.

Conversely, even if you aren’t going to use automatic payments, using online bill pay can save you significantly in time versus paying bills by the mail. Secondly, most bills tend to come in around the first of the month. Therefore, with online bill paying, you can almost pay all of your monthly bills in one sitting.

You may have one or two bills that come in later in the month, that you may have to sit down again and pay. But only having to do that once or twice in the month really saves a lot of time.