Trust in the Lord… But Also, Cover Yourself


You may have heard the argument that some people don’t ‘need’ car insurance, because they have protection from the Lord. The same argument can go towards health insurance, homeowners insurance, and more. But this isn’t a valid argument, because yes – God has our back, but He cannot prevent us from leading a hazard-free life.

Car insurance is important not just to protect your family, but to protect others on the road. You cannot control what other people do, or how they drive, and not insuring your vehicle because God will keep you safe is just a silly way to look at it.

God will never give us more than we can handle, but we also have to defend ourselves to a point. We have free will, after all, and we are expected to live wisely and with the Lord. A good car insurance is vital to protect yourself, and your family, even with your faith in Him to keep you safe.

It’s just common sense.